Людська реальність та божественна реальність12

“My sweet Beloved Supreme, I know that You have two realities, two aspects — a human reality or human aspect and a divine reality or divine aspect. Please tell me which aspect of Yours is the better of the two, or which aspect of Yours I must choose in order to make the fastest progress, or if it is obligatory on my part to choose one of the aspects in order to arrive at the highest Goal deep within You.”

“O seeker-son, I wish to tell you that it is supremely necessary for you to approach both aspects of Me, the human and the divine. It is better to start with the human aspect, for in the human aspect you get encouragement and inspiration sooner than in the divine aspect. In the divine aspect sometimes you may see some austerity in Me, some very hard and fast rules, some strict discipline. But in the human aspect you will see that there are quite a few things which you do that I do in the same manner; therefore, you will get tremendous encouragement. You can sing, you can talk, you can play, you can do sports just as I do. Only when it is a matter of meditation, you cannot do it right now the way I do. That is the only place where you are badly lacking. I do infinitely better meditation than you do. But there are quite a few things which you do as well as I do, and sometimes you may even far surpass Me. Because you have the same capacity that I have in so many things, you are bound to feel that you can arrive at the same footing on the spiritual plane as well. So you get encouragement.

“You have to think of the human aspect and the divine aspect as the flower and the fruit of the tree. I am the Life-Tree, and I bear flowers and fruits. A flower is beautiful. It inspires you, and when you are surcharged with inspiration you run, dive and fly. But there is something more than inspiration; it is called hunger. You are inspired to do something, but you need the inner hunger to strengthen you. That inner hunger is aspiration. When you are hungry, only then do you get the fruits and eat them. My Life-Tree holds the divine aspect in the fruit-form. When you eat the fruit, you get nourishment.

“Again, at times you have to take both the human aspect and the divine aspect together. You have to think of Me as the ocean and yourself as a tiny drop or wave. If you want to see Me or play with Me, you have to feel that I am the ocean and you are inside the ocean as a drop or a surge. If you are wise, then you will see that no matter what you are, you have to remain inside the ocean, inside the vast expanse. The surge cannot contain the ocean, the drop cannot contain the ocean, whereas the ocean can contain the drop and the surge. In fact, they are inseparable. The human aspect you embody, and the divine aspect I embody, but they are inseparably one. Now you have taken the form of a tiny drop and I have taken the form of the ocean. But when you grow up in spiritual matters, at that time you will see that sometimes I become the tiny drop or wave, and you become the ocean. In this way we play hide-and-seek with each other.

“If you want to go from the human to the divine aspect, this is very good. You can also go from the divine to the human aspect. Again, you can accept the human and the divine together. The human aspect is sweet, sweeter, sweetest. The divine aspect is intimate, more intimate, most intimate. This is how the seeker approaches the human aspect and the divine aspect. I am your Beloved Lord Supreme, and you are the seeker in Me, for Me.”

EA 12. 6 липня 1977 року, 7 год 50 хв, школа (трек), Джамейка (Нью-Йорк).

From:Шрі Чинмой,Еверест стремління, частина 1, Agni Press, 1977
Sourced from https://ua.srichinmoylibrary.com/ea_1